Monday, April 8, 2013

Knock it Off!

OK, knock it off with the calls for Phenergan with Codeine.  I've taken a slew of inquiries lately -- Do we have it?  What flavor is it?  Do you have the purple one?

This, of course, is one of the latest drugs of abuse -- mixed with soda or alcohol and apparently called the Purple Drank, among other names.   Really guys, we're not stupid.  We can tell from the questions you're asking that you're not suffering from any, um, cough today.  And of course you're making it a heck of a lot harder for those folks who may legitimately need it.  I've told several callers I don't have it (as I'm staring at the bottle on the shelf.)  I've also faced disappointed customers who discover it's not the 'purple' one that they're getting.  Yup, and then they want the prescription back.  What a damn waste of my time.

 There are still prescribers out there who need to be aware that people who ask specifically for this product may not be using it in the 'prescribed manner.'  Just say no.  There ya go.