Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Knees (Back, Feet) Hurt

There are plenty of good shoe companies out there that make "walking shoes." I bought a pair of these, thinking they would be good for work because I know that some day my old reliables are going to start looking too crappy. I need "standing shoes." My old reliables are a pair of Rockports that have a nice springy thing built into the sole, and provide some cushion -- kind of like those pads we have down on the floor. I've also outfitted them with a cushiony pair of arch supports. They're awesome, if dorky looking. But of course I can't find this exact style anymore.
The new walking shoes I bought have good support and everything but the bottom feels hard as a rock compared to my old ones. I can really tell the difference in my knees at the end of the day.
Standing ALL day -- the bane of our existence. If anyone reading has a good shoe recommendation -- I'll take it !!


Anonymous said...

Try a pair of Danskos. They are a great STANDING shoe. They are a bit tough to find as only certain shoe stores carry them (they have to be picked by Dansko to carry them).

I have them and LOVE them, we do not even have one of those nice mats on the floor (getting one next week).

They are expensive but they last FOREVER as there is not really a cushy sole in them, they give great support and a wood sole.

Anonymous said...

i cannot live without my CROCS, esp since i broke my foot, there are the only thing that i can wear all day and not have pain, foot or back.... but go with the traditional professional ones, some of the new designs do not have the support. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Try merrells- I'm on my feet 8 hrs or more a day its the only shoe I have in my closet 6 pairs of different styles of merrells

Frantic Pharmacist said...

Thanks for the tips -- I will definitely look into them all!

Shalom said...

SAS. No question about it. They cost me $150 a pair but it's worth it. Also I use Foot Levelers prescription insoles.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Z-coils. They have helped my knees and hips alot. I wear them everyday.

Spankie said...

you remind me of the pharmacist in my neighborhood drug store when i was a kid.

We called him Mr. Manny. We all thought of him as a doctor and much respect was given.

His world was three feet above the rest of the store in the back.(they had a soda fountain lunch counter with shakes and egg creams)

When i was about 8 years old i remember my dad being out of work for a bit. I was sent to get a script for my mom. when i went to pay he got down on his knees, looked me in the eye and told me to tell my mom that he would put this on the nail for her till my dad got a job and gave me the cash back.

I remember him coming to the house while my doctor was there on a house call. he had coffee with the doc and talked about my baby brother and the convulsions he was having. I think he GAVE us medicine, not charging anything.

I remember at christmas, we always had a gift for this man.

anyhow, i have grown pretty negative about Pharmacists due to the way i am treated by them.(i am on pain meds)
by reading your blog i have some hope.

This is what i am going to do today.

Go down to the retail pharmacy i get my scripts filled at and give the crew there a dozen dunkin donuts. I will also get one of those starbucks traveler (16 cups)to go with the coffee.

i will write a lil ole thank you note telling them i appreciate them and the techs and i wanted them to know. Im just trying to keeo a family tradition going.

with the note i will give the link to this blog and may be one or two others.

Have a great day.. hope you find some comfy shoes.

Brother Frankie