Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's MY Delta Tau Chi Name?

Congratulations Mom, your son/daughter's in college. I've spoken to many of you in the last few days who need to have their prescriptions filled and mailed to their college address.
No problem -- you simply give me the complete information on where to send it, and it will be done. Invariably though, these conversations usually include the words, "He/she just told me that they are completely out." And, I can clearly sense when I'm talking to a helicopter mom who wants me to work a miracle and get that prescription in to their kid's hands by midnight. It's especially interesting when it's a C-2, y'know, like Adderall.

Now, we all want to help our kids out; be their advocate, give them the tools to be successful. Here's a teachable moment. If you're going to do the ordering for them, they must tell you when they are down to a week's supply. They can put a reminder on their computer calendar, into the iPhone, onto their Facebook status --- I don't care. Better yet, you might want to teach them to call the pharmacy number themselves (it's on the bottle!) and simply tell us what they need and where it is to be sent. And if the kid runs out of Adderall and bombs a test or something --- well, it's a lesson learned and it will probably help them remember the next time, or maybe it will take a few times. We all learn this way.

It's all part of the college experience. Now go make that Dean's List!! TOH-GAHHHHHH !!!


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Actually, that would be great:

Facebook status: "I'm out of Adderall! OMG! Did you see that new Julia Roberts movie? Oh, I love that guy's haircut. That dog is so cute! Where's my textbook? Do you think I have dandruff? Squirrel!"

Sarah G said...

I'd consider it a teachable moment, too: "Guess what? You're an adult. That means YOU are in charge of figuring out when you need refills, AND phoning them in yourself!"

They're not going to let themselves run out of Adderall.