Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Talk

I worked Thanksgiving in close proximity to a "Quick-Check-Urgent Care" walk-in clinic type of place ---- surprisingly, most of the patients pretty much needed to be there. Lots of antibiotics were flowing. Not too many people wandered in on Thanksgiving Day to have that rash checked that they've had for 3 weeks, or to get a handle on that blood sugar that's been out of control since last Thanksgiving. So that was a pleasant surprise.

I did get several people who wanted me to 'guarantee' that their prescription would work.
Like, the person getting a Z-Pack (I know, who doesn't get a Z-Pack?) who said in reference to their ailment, "And this will TAKE CARE OF IT, RIGHT?" Or the woman who demanded to know if the phenazopyridine would work IMMEDIATELY for her UTI. As I opened my mouth to answer, she said NO, I MEAN IMMEDIATELY !!!

I can't guarantee that prescriptions are going to work. Prescribing is as much an art as a science. Every so often someone tries to return something because it "didn't work" or they just didn't like it and we have to explain that legally we can't take the medication back and re-sell it again. I had to explain to a customer once that "you wouldn't want me to dispense medication to you that had already been taken home by someone else, right?"

On Black Friday afternoon a customer brought in a prescription for an anti-nausea med for pre-treatment of chemo. The (naturally) expensive medication wasn't covered. We asked when the chemo treatment was scheduled.... "Monday morning." Date of the prescription: 1 week ago. Doctor's phone goes to voice mail. Possibility of getting a prior authorization on Friday afternoon? Slim to none. Moral of the story: bring those prescriptions into the pharmacy ahead of time. I sure hope they figured something out on Monday.....


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, I love it when they want guarantees on medicines or tests. This is more voodoo than science some days.

Anonymous said...

True story;
I was working Easter Sunday a few years back when this "gentleman" came in with 6 scripts at 4:55pm ( we closed that day at 5:oopm due to the holiday) My PIC and I informed him that we could have the scripts ready for him the next day. He got all kinds of angry claiming he needed them for the next morning- 6am- and could not wait. We have a 24hr store not 2 miles away, and advised him to take them there if that were the case.
He continued to raise a fit, cussing and yelling up a storm. My PIC looked again at these scripts- they were dated FEB 1!! He'd had the darn things for over 2 MONTHS, and NOW he was having a cow? Bless my PIC, she explained that it was a holiday, we had family waiting on us to get home, and if he "suddenly needed these so badly he could drive the 2 miles to the other store".
The rudeness of some people really amazes some times.

Sarah G said...

I can sympathize with the person who wanted the script to work IMMEDIATELY on her UTI. A UTI will definitely drive you bananas.