Friday, September 9, 2011

Sorry for the Sour Tone Here, but I'm Tired

.....and so in the spirit of Jimmy Fallon's "thank-you" notes, here are a few of mine:

Thank you...... Walgreens, for handing your pharmacists the responsibility for 'walk-in' flu shots. I know it's a big money maker and all, but when I call them for a copy on a waiting customer's prescription and get told to call back later because the pharmacist is 'giving flu shots right now,' it's a little frustrating.

Thank you..... pharmacist who worked yesterday, for not ordering the drugs that I need to fill prescriptions today. Yes, there were things about the prescription that needed to be clarified. But now that everything has been straightened out, it's Friday and I don't have the drug, and now won't have it till Monday. Would it have killed you to order it in, inventory be damned, knowing the prescription was pending and was eventually going to be dispensed??? Now the customer is probably going to take it elsewhere, after we did all the legwork, and I don't blame them.

Thank you...... manager for whom I am filling in today, for establishing a nice lax and borderline unprofessional atmosphere in your pharmacy. The staff loves you for it, but I sure don't. Staff seem to show up when they feel like it, come and go as they please, and pretty much operate in a bubble of their own entertainment, into which neither the customers nor I am invited. I am truly embarrassed at times. In addition, because you're such a social animal everyone else in the medical building seems to have chosen the pharmacy as their hang-out spot to come in and shoot the breeze. GET OUT OF MY WORKSPACE AND GET OUT OF MY PHARMACY. My services are devalued enough without you coming in here and assuming that what I'm doing requires no concentration at all. There's gonna be a showdown here, mark my words.


Anonymous said...

I like that comment about 'get outta my workspace'! I've got something to do here, and if you're not going to help, you are a hindrance!

Venus said...

I hate people sometimes.

smartTech said...

Bravo! Some days I wanna snap at all my jabbering coworkers to shut the heck up until the morning rush is over and dang order is put away (because they cant do two things at once, like talk and work). Once things slow down, then my all means, talk about your brats for half the day. OR better yet, do it on your own time, post a facebook status update or clock out! It pisses me off to be the only one working.