Monday, January 23, 2012


OK, the end of January is approaching and I can't get over the feeling of just spinnin' my wheels.
Work has been an endless parade of insurance rejects...." patient not covered....ask patient for new ID card..... non-matched cardholder.....refill too soon......we are rejecting this claim because it's a day with an 'r' in it, ha ha !!.....and a million other reasons that I've never even seen before. People who have completely changed insurance plans, did not bring the card, and expect me to figure it out for them. I ask people POINT BLANK when they drop off their prescription, "HAVE YOU CHANGED INSURANCE IN 2012?" They reply, "no, nothing has changed." Fifteen minutes later we finally get to their prescription, it rejects, we ask them about it and they say, "yeah, I have a new card." Honestly, I feel like I'm being punked in a reality show or something. And of course the person's next question is, "Is it ready yet?" Things never change.

The prescription transfers are still plentiful. As usual, people don't understand that this takes extra time. I feel bad about calling the same pharmacies multiple times a day, but what else can I do...

Anyway, the other things on my mind are:

--Staffing. Why do we never have the right amount of people when we need them? One of the busiest times in retail pharmacy is between 4pm and about 6:30 pm, when people are picking up prescriptions on their way home from work. Working people, as well, tend to want to schedule doctor's appointments at the end of the work day so they don't have to miss too much time.
Day after day we get slammed at the same time, we don't have the proper staffing, we rack up overtime and get our hands slapped for it, like we are incompetent or something.

-- Security. I never thought about it much before, but I'm becoming more aware of security lapses in the pharmacy and no one else seems to care. It costs money to beef up security, so it's not something I can do without the company's help. I really don't want us to learn the hard way.
I'm trying to figure out how to approach this without stepping on anyone's toes or sounding alarmist. But I'm going to keep at it.

-- Getting fired. It actually happens! We've had two support staff members get fired in the last couple of months. You would think people want to hang onto their jobs right now, but apparently the mere threat of firing wasn't enough for these two. I'm glad someone in the company actually has the balls to do it, but there are still other people who inexplicably get a pass.


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