Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DON"T !!

I generally stay out of the personal lives of my co-workers. Over the course of a long work day in an enclosed space like a pharmacy,  the conversation can drift many different ways.  I'll listen, I'll offer benign advice, but I don't lecture or impose any of my viewpoints on anyone else.  Sometimes I am listening to two other people talk, but staying out of the conversation myself.  However,  I REALLY hate to see people making stupid decisions, and it's hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

A short list of my advice, if I were to offer it:

1.  Thinking of lending your boyfriend of 2 months a bunch of money so he can buy a car?  DON'T.

2. Thinking of making a personal style statement by getting a big ugly-ass tattoo that creeps down your arm and you will look at for the rest of your natural life?  DON'T.

3. Thinking of continuing your visits to the tanning booth when you've already had two cancerous lesions removed because you just 'feel better' when you tan?   DON'T.

4. Thinking of taking on a ridiculous amount of debt because you've just gotta have that gi-normous
pick up truck to drive yourself to work every day?  DON'T.

5.  Thinking of having another child even though you are in no way financially stable and your husband/boyfriend seems to spend most of his time drinking?   DON'T.

6. Thinking of quitting your job (with nothing else lined up)  because someone pissed you off and you want to make a statement, even though you know damn well that no one is irreplaceable?  DON'T.

I'm still not gonna say anything, though.  I don't think it would matter anyway.

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Crazy RxMan said...

OMgosh! There is some crazy vortex between our two pharmacies because I have the exact SAME techs that you do!