Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm here to pick up prescriptions for (insert name here)

We had a rash of problems this week with people sending other people to pick up their prescription refills. You know the drill ---- boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, neighbor, babysitter, caregiver, friend or family member comes in to pick up for their boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. and leaves with a sack of items that are filled and ready. Shortly, a phone call comes in from the customer who is angry because they didn't get 'everything.' A search of the pickup bins reveals another bag or two for that same customer which was separate from the other items.
There are lots of reasons for this -- prescriptions called in at different times, prescriptions waiting on doctor approval, prescriptions waiting for a supply of drug to come in --- these may all result in items being completed at different times and added to the bins. It's not always possible to keep everything together. And people can be pretty p.o'd that their errand person didn't come back with all of it (as in, "What do I do now because YOU guys screwed up??")

So, rule of thumb: when sending someone to pick up prescriptions for you, tell them HOW MANY they should be getting. Preferably, make an EXACT LIST. Check it twice. So you won't be naughty and we'll be nice.

One other random irritant: insurance companies who now cover only generic Imitrex -- but we can't get our hands on any, leaving us and our headache sufferers up the creek...

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!! Also, don't you love the daily hassle of "You sent me home with a prescription I don't need" (after I stood at the counter and shown you the name of every medication in your bag and you just kind-of waved me off in your hurry to check out)...grrrr