Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shoe Update and Bye to 2008

A little while ago I wrote about my quest for a new pair of shoes that I could stand in comfortably for those long long days at the ol' pharmacy and I got some great suggestions (Merrell, SAS, Dansko, etc.) I filed them all away for future reference but I decided to try the Merrells this time (style: "Encore Groove"):

I am REALLY liking them. Nice contoured footbed, great arch support, very lightweight. I always stayed away from slip-on or clog style because I didn't want my feet sliding around in them but these fit like a shoe and don't slip at all for me. Glad for all the tips on shoes.

Busy last day of 2008 today -- pretty much non-stop prescription action. At the end of the day one customer apparently got booted from his Part D plan with the reject "Coverage begins 1/1/09" -- of course he claimed not to have changed anything and we figured they probably re-enrolled him and forgot that he might need something on 12/31/08. I waited on hold for about 15 minutes with the insurance and had to give up -- pretty annoying.

Another person came in and wanted to look at our selection of blood glucose monitors. Not for herself, though -- she had money left on her flex spending account and thought she might buy one and 'give it to someone else.' Interesting thought (come to think of it, can you do that?) but it took a few minutes to get the whole story --I thought, maybe she's going to put it away for that day she becomes diabetic?

A Happy New Year to all fellow pharmacists in the trenches! We'll keep on doin' it in 2009 -- like we have a choice, right?!!

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