Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Full Moon Phenomenon

People acting weird, asking weird questions, coming up with weird problems. They seem restless, impatient and just goofy. At some point, someone on the pharmacy staff asks
(1) Did the Looney Tunes Bus just pull up?
and (2) Is it a full moon?

Pharmacists, ER workers, police -- they all swear by the full moon phenomenon even though there's no real science behind it. Some have said it's the tides, the gravitational pull, or even the ancient human instinct of preparing for the 'hunt'.

The full moon is tomorrow. When I told a customer his prescription would take about 15 minutes, he looked at me strangely and said, "My dog is in the car."

Must be getting ready for the hunt. Happy Full Moon!


Jeremy said...

The Pharmacy I work in as well, we dread the coming of the full moon. We have a calendar hanging on the wall for the sole purpose of the little moon chart information!

Sadly the craziness begun yesterday. My favorite from the day included the lady who called and spoke with the Pharmacist, asking what her doctor wrote for her on a piece of paper 3 years ago, to help with PMS (or something "mother nature" related) It was special.

There was also a very angry man who came in demanding why he wasn't given 5 bottles of eye drops, because where it said quantity, it said 5! The Pharmacist happily explained it means "5 ML's," only to have the angry man snap back "THAT'S NOT HOW I READ IT........"

Anonymous said...

They may not have scientific proof, but I swear that my Parkinson's symptoms are far worse during the full moon. RLS keeps me awake all night plus the weakness and fatigue is much more pronounced. jB

Don said...

Where did you think "Lunacy" comes from? ;-)