Friday, May 8, 2009

Dentists Do the Funniest Things

Several prescriptions from a dentist "post-procedure". One is for 10 capsules of Celebrex (!).
Patient is on state assistance, and Celebrex is not covered. We call the dental office and they tell us they would be glad to switch it to something else, but the patient actually requested Celebrex because it worked well in the past.

The age of the patient: 17.

God, that's so ADORABLE !!

Full moon tomorrow !!!


Phathead said...

Celebrex from a dentist? Are you shitting me? Does a dentist even know what a COX-2 inhibitor does?

Anonymous said...

I think children telling healthcare professionals what to prescribe is also a bit retarded. We have this 13 year old little brat who comes in with her grandmothers prescription for delivery. She loves to try and tell us how to do our job. "I dont want my gran having that cheap stuff (meaning generic) so you've got to give the proper stuff because i say so"