Thursday, May 21, 2009

Would Someone Tell Me What Just Happened?

Wait a minute, weather's getting nice, everythings greening up -- we're sliding into the lazy, laid back summer days. Why was today so frikkin' chaotic? What's going on?

We were shovelling out grocery bags full of prescriptions. People were throwing empty bottles at us like it was a shooting gallery. They were coming in asking to refill prescriptions with us because their insurance was telling them 'too soon' somewhere else (and they just didn't GET why we couldn't fill it either.) Issue after issue after issue.

The printers went down. The fax machine was acting up. The computer system went down (when it wasn't freezing up, that is).

Somebody tried to call in a fake clonazepam script. Twice. They were so inept I actually enjoyed it. Just for fun I asked for the doctor's DEA number and the person covered the receiver with his hand and hollered to someone in the next room ! Oh. Mah. God.

Everyone else must have been having the same kind of day because all the pharmacists I gave copies to were kind of crabby. I totally understand, but when I ask you where I'm transferring the script to, the answer "Walgreens" followed by stony silence isn't quite enough info. You know the drill.

It was just a cast of crazies today. I didn't even check how many prescriptions we did, but I'm sure it felt like double whatever it was....


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Catching junkies, especially inept ones, is always fun.

KC in Fla said...

Don't you just love holiday weekends? 'Cause that's probably whats behind the chaos.
And my PIC gave me Fri-Mon. off?