Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Have Seen the Enemy and It is Me

There are some days (I repeat, some) when I feel like I can really kick ass in this job. Multitask like crazy. Juggle about 15 balls in the air at once. Make snap decisions. Keep things moving. Everything is humming along pretty well and staying in its groove. I've got notes and pieces of paper everywhere but I know where everything is and what's going on with it.

Then, it happens -- that one interruption, phone call or yelled question that somehow upsets the boat. Someone hands me a prescription and asks me to put it on file for them. A few minutes later I realize I don't know what I did with it.

What the HELL did I DO with it? I JUST HAD it in my HAND. Damn it, where IS IT?, I screech.

God, I hate that. Everyone else looks sympathetic but is really too busy to offer more than meek suggestions ("maybe you left it by the register?") I start to empty the garbage cans. I look under every piece of paper, every computer terminal. I am completely thrown off. I get behind and other things start to pile up. The whole rhythm of the universe has completely gone to hell. I fear that my co-workers are secretly snickering and wondering if I am, y'know, losing it.

It's kind of upsetting when your whole workday can turn bad over one misplaced piece of paper. I never did find the damn thing. I'm still stewing.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, it's amazing to me how one distraction can screw up everything else.

pharmacy chick said...

Happens all the time...I had some papers that I needed..had them right in front of me..and they vanished..couldn't have been me. No way did I walk them over to my purse and tuck them in there. Nope..they must have kinetically moved them selves...because I had no recollection of having done it...15 minutes ago ..sigh.