Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Truth Goes Marching On

OK, so the makers of the delicious Sun Chips recently started packaging their product in a compostable bag made of plant-based materials. Better for the environment and a good idea, right?

Wrong. They have decided go back to the old packaging for all but one flavor. Why?
According to news reports:

"But that which makes them compostable also makes them loud. The bags have a different molecular structure from the original packaging, and they're stiffer. So people complained about the noise. Groups on Facebook abound with names such as "I wanted SunChips but my roommate was sleeping..." and "Nothing is louder than a SunChips bag."

Spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez said the company received complaints about the noise from the bags, although it also received thanks from customers who liked being able to recycle them.

So the decision was made to remove the bulk of the biodegradable line."

Sigh. Some times I worry about this blessed land of ours. Yeah, the environment's important and all, but DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, mess with our salty snacks and our ability to partake of them when the roomie is asleep. There are certain things that are sacred.

Why is this pharmacy-related? It isn't really, except that I often throw a handful of Sun Chips into the pitiful lunch I wolf down back in the stock room. It was a noble try, guys.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

People can be so pathetic.

wellillbe said...

They just arent marlketing them right. Market them to people on weight watchers as a diet chip becuase whenever you open the bag everyone knows your cheating on your diet...

moontoad said...

A bit late to comment, but these bags also do not decompose in most home compost heaps. The temps they need to decompose are simply not reached by your typical compost, and they need the higher temps that are reached by the very large compost heaps. These are the kind that stay hot over winter, and if you stick your hand in you can get burnt by the high temperature.

Sam said...

I'm a Canadian pharmacist, and I recently saw a full page ad in our local paper from the makers of sunchips that despite the rumors, they would continue to make the compostable bags for their entire product line. I don't eat a whole lot of sunchips, nor do I own a composter, but I felt like this was the right move. If the noise bothers you that much, just use a fricken bowl.