Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This One's for the Girlfriends

In my job we're allowed to dress fairly casually under the lab coat or jacket, or whatever we choose to wear as the 'white' layer on top of the street clothes. If I'm going to be running around for 9 or 10 hours like a maniac, then I am bloody well going to be comfortable. I never want to look like a slob of course, but in the summer we're talking semi-dress pants or khakis, and a blouse or polo shirt -- nothing binding or restrictive.... pretty basic stuff.

I have grown to hate shopping for clothes. I 'catalog' a lot of it, but there are some things you just have to try on. I hate wasting a precious day off trudging around some mall looking for something which should be easy to find, but somehow isn't. And I have my limits on price --- I'm not gonna wear anything expensive to work and end up sending it to the dry cleaners in order to remove the amoxicillin stains/printer cartridge ink/pen ink/Sharpie marks/spilled lunch/spilled coffee stains etc. etc....

Anyways, after today's shopping outing I have confirmed a couple of things:

1. Just when you're feeling pretty good because you've toned up and lost a couple of pounds, it
is not a good idea to stand in front of a department store dressing-room mirror. It can be a
soul-crushing experience. Also, it allows you to crush your soul from several different

2. You find a GREAT fitting pair of pants. They not only fit well, but they don't shrink in
the wash or come out looking like a used Kleenex. You head back to the store to get
another pair, perhaps in a different color. Even if they are no longer sale-priced, you are
excited at your find and will definitely buy more no matter what. We know what happens, though. The different color doesn't fit 'quite' the same. What do they do, change the pattern when they change the color?

Am I right or am I right? Maybe scrubs are the way to go, after all.


Samuel said...

My higher-ups have decided that the only way to look like a pharmacist is to wear a white shirt, tie, and black pants. This leaves me shopping only for white shirt, tie and black pants.

I am officially a square pharmacist :(

Anonymous said...

In a way my 'street clothes' have become my 'uniform' with the 'go anywhere' shirt or polo, and skirt, and a suit jacket on top, or a white smock. I'm long past wearing 'nice' shoes to work. They're old lady tie-ups or slip-ons, (preferably), and they are leather, and padded and support my feet and the soles fit like a glove with enough room in the toe box to wiggle my toes. Ditched the neck scarves and matching jewelry long ago, but the support stockings are a godsend as I still (cross my fingers) don't have varicose veins after 25 years.

thatsit said...

Yes, I hate that. So frustrating.

My solution-be a stay at home Mom so I can wear sweats all day at home and only need my perfectly fitting, single pair of jeans when I emerge from my hole.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if we could wear scrubs. I too, hate to spend money on clothes if I will end up spilling stuff or getting ink all over it. I'm short so finding pants is hard unless I plan to wear heels...which I refuse to do if I'm going to be on my feet all day. Scrubs and Nikes would rule.

pharmacy chick said...

ive become brain dead with regards to my wardrobe. the bosses decided years ago that I wear black pants and white shirt with white coat. the only advantage to this attire is that it requires no thought whatsoever to get dressed in the morning. I gave away all my blouses years ago, and have a sea of white in my closet now.when i found a pair of black pants I like, I bought 4 pair. same with black shoes. I used to buy cheap white shirts at goodwill and wear them till they frayed. Now I find the same at factory stores. I bought a fleet of identical white zip up coats. I am truly the Mr Roboto of pharmacists. We aren't allowed to wear any arty pins or broaches. we may wear ONLY our name badge or the company sponsored ad pin of the month. I am like the big mac...same every day every where...