Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ours is not to question why..... but why?

--- I put together a multi-prescription order for someone a couple of weeks ago -- several refills (had to order one thing specially), a transfer from another pharmacy, and two prescriptions that needed doctor approval. I remember the guy dumped it all on me over the phone and wanted to know how long it would take. We called him as soon as it was all ready. Then WHY, two weeks later, is it still sitting in the pickup bin --- UN-picked up?

--- a guy brings in several bottles, and complains that the generic brand of Ambien we filled for him does not work nearly as well as the one he got from Big Box down the street (he has that bottle too.) We do the usual back-and-forth until my technician notices that the Big Box bottle has his wife's name on it. We ask him, um --- is that prescription supposed to be for your wife? He seems completely mystified as to why we would question that, and continues to be confrontational about the brand that he got. Well, I'm still not sure how that conversation was supposed to end. WHY would anyone EVER take someone else's prescription medication? .....ha ha, I know, I know ... dumb question. But the whole thing was still our fault.

--- a customer gasps at the 10 dollar copay on her sedative prescription and tells me she does not have the money, nor does she have a credit card. While telling me this, she sets her tablet computer on the counter. She says accusingly, "Well I guess I won't be sleeping tonight." WHY..... don't I feel very bad about this?

--- I keep having customers telling me their medications were 'stolen.' It's almost always the controlled substances. Enough already. OK, even if it's halfway true.... if you don't have enough brains to safeguard your prescription medications from the neighbors, or your kid's friends, or your kids, the painters, the movers, your brother-in-law, the landlord, or any one of dozens of people who apparently go through your possessions and sift out the prescription for which they recognize the generic name as something they might enjoy.... then I can't
help you. And as far as leaving your entire prescription in your purse, or car........ WHY?


dr lasermed said...

That last one - about carrying the whole prescription? We TELL them not to do that. Tell them to lock the meds in a safe. Preferably bolted to the floor. I'm not kidding. Only carry 24 hours of medication.
Do they listen? No, they are working on their next scam.
BTW, thanks for putting me on your blog roll!

Technically Insane said...

We dont even start to give a crap unless they have filed a police report about said stolen rxs and personally called and explain the situation to their doctors. Sometimes they pull that I think it was my kid or my kids friend and I dont want to get them into trouble bull and we usually tell them that we dont feel comfortable with the situation, even if they want to just pay cash, with out said police report. It really helps cull out the bs.

Anonymous said...

Today, it was the people who detailed his car that must have stolen the alprazolam. I don't fill them early (even for cash) unless the prescriber knows that it is being refilled early.

Historically Crazy said...

We have a woman who gets a highly controlled Rx 10 tabs at a time simply because she's scared people will steal it. (She's a raging b*tch, but a smart one surprisingly.)

Barb said...

Ah, yes, the good old "someone stole my medication." Awesome.

Anonymous said...

The deal with certain people often getting their controlled prescriptions stolen...half the time its a scam, the other half of the time, it's because their roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend/homeless friend sleeping on the couch is on the same prescription! Maybe I'm jaded, but I figure someone who is getting their prescription stolen every other month, is probably stealing someone else's prescription on the off months. Hopefully it balances out for them. Or something.