Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pharmacy PRO

There's a commercial on TV for National Car Rental that features the "Business Pro" -- the frequent and experienced business traveler who can breeze through the airport -- going "shoeless and metal-free in seconds."  In the endless procession of people we wait on at the pharmacy every day, I have come to truly appreciate the Pharmacy Pro.  I'll give people a pass for their first couple of visits (maybe) but after that, well ----  these are the true marks of you,  the Pharmacy Pro:

1. You hand me your prescription insurance card with the prescription, or in the case of an e-prescription, when you check in.  Each and every time.  Even if you've been to the pharmacy 40,000 times before.  It's the newest and most current card. It's not your dental or medical card.  If the prescription's for a family member, you give me their card, not yours. I already love you for that.

2. You are acutely aware of your surroundings.  If the place is going crazy and there are lots of people waiting, you say "I'll stop back later."  If you know you have multiple prescriptions, you do the same regardless.  I love you for that.

3.  You are aware, at least generally, of what your doctor has sent us.  If there are things you don't need filled, but just kept on file, you tell me up front.  I love you for that.

4.  If you want a refill of something, as well as having your new prescription filled, you tell me immediately.  You do not wait until we are ringing up the prescription before saying, "Oh, and I also need some test strips" and expect to just stand there and wait.

5.  While waiting for your prescription, if you are paying by check, you have your checkbook out and you have already filled out the entire check except for the amount.  I love you for that.

6.  You are an active participant in this process.  You look over what you are receiving and verify that what is there is what you're after.  Not when you get to your car, not when you get home, not 3 days later when you tell me you 'never got' something.

Here's to you, Pharmacy Pro.


bcmigal said...

Loved these! I would like to add: getting off your cell phone while at drop off and pick up. Apologize to the pharmacy staff instead of the person on the other end of your call!

pharmacy chick said...

I love those people. They rock!

Legal Drug Dealer said...

AMEN...dont forget:

You dont use the drive-thru. I love you for that

The Assemblagist said...

Wow, I'm having a proud moment here. I am truly A Pharmacy Pro! Knowing my actions matter so much to you all, I shall continue my most excellent pharmaceutical purchasing routine. Thank you, Frantic, thank you.

Frantic Pharmacist said...

To the Assemblagist: They do matter, believe me. We love you people... spread the word!!

The Bad Yogi said...

As a long time Pharmacy Pro (which unfortunately means that my family and I have been really sick multiple times), my leetle peeve is the pharmacy clerk who gives me the stink-eye when I open the carefully stapled bag to verify drug and dosage (why yes, as a matter of fact, there WAS a screw-up that could have killed my daughter, why do you ask?). I have had them snatch the bag back and staple it closed and shove it back across the counter with the words, "Are you satisfied NOW?"
I love me some Pharmacists, but the clerks can go take a long walk off a short pier.