Saturday, September 6, 2008

What is it people don't get about insurance cards?

We asked for an insurance card from a customer this week. When the card didn't work, we asked if it was his most current card. He replied, "Well, it's the most current card I have ON ME." (Yeah, you're thinking what I'm thinking.) After some more unsuccessful efforts to get the claim through, we explained the situation and he proceeded to launch into some long explanation about primary and secondary insurance and something that had changed...... in other words, he presented this card knowing damn well it wouldn't work and stood there and watched us waste our time.

What do people think we are doing with these insurance cards? BRING THE CORRECT CARD.
It's a simple concept. We actually need the NUMBERS ON THAT CARD. It's not enough information to just say " I have Aetna (Caremark, Blue Cross etc etc)." We need the NUMBERS to bill your INDIVIDUAL PLAN. It's like trying to make a purchase with a credit card and telling the cashier, "Oh, I have Visa."

This customer finally ended up paying cash, and while tossing the bill on the counter made some remark about how this was 'always a hassle.' You got that right, bud.

Also, a heartfelt thank you to the out-of-state pharmacist who waited patiently while I tried to give him a copy, repeating his address and phone number twice, and waiting on me while I used the transfer function on the Worst Pharmacy Computer System in the World. You're a good egg.


Pharmacist Erin said...

I had a customer the other day who had 2 Rx's from a dentist and gave us his dental card. I told him that I needed the pharmacy card. He replied, "I don't understand. These Rx's are from my dentist so you need my dental card." seriously took me 10 minutes trying to explain. He ended up paying cash. OMG, people, OMG.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't believe how many people have asked me: I need this medication now, but the problem is my insurance expired last month. Can you run it through with last months date so they'll cover it? OR
'I didn't pick up my meds last month and I had insurance then...I don't have coverage now but I just want to pay the copay then."

"it's workers i dont have my employers i dont know where i work bc uhh..they change names a lot.."

'what's a deductible?'
'what's a donut hole?'

'Insurance? What's that?'