Monday, October 13, 2008

0.07 ounces of pure gold?

I find Abreva helps shorten the duration of a cold sore if you start applying it really early. The price averages $15-16 bucks for a teeny tiny 2 gram tube, so when I saw a $3 coupon in the Walgreens ad I figured I would pick one up. Well, the price had been jacked up to $17.99, so with my 3 bucks off I was pretty much back at what used to be the regular price.

I should have stomped up to the pharmacy counter and asked when is it going generic ? (Wal-breva, anyone?) Now I know how my customers feel. I shouldn't even mess around with the stuff. Valtrex, 2gms twice a day for two doses, is the ticket. It's expensive too, but I know it's going to work.

I just needed to complain to someone!


Phathead said...

Abreva's been a generic GNP item for sometime now I believe in our stores.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Frantic Pharmacist. I happened to come across your post regarding Abreva. I work for 3M and we have recently launched a new product called Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment. It is in stores now and costs less than Abreva. I would love to give you the opportunity to try it by providing you with a free sample. If you are interested, contact me at Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.