Friday, October 3, 2008

Keep the Crap off my Counter

During really busy times our pharmacy counters are covered with stuff and the stock bottles really start to pile up. I've worked with other pharmacists who always seem to operate under a huge stack of bottles, loose paper and prescriptions that may or may not already be done and dealt with. I hate clutter and I get especially nervous when too many stock bottles are filling up the counter. It increases the chances that someone will grab the wrong one and a mistake will sneak through --- it happens to you once and you never forget it. I will go out of my way to get bottles reshelved and off the counter before moving on to the next bunch of prescriptions coming down the line. Also, once a piece of paper is dealt with, I say BE GONE --- to the trash, to the prescription file, to the call box, whatever --- off my counter.

I'm afraid I also get annoyed at working around people's water bottles, coffee cups, pop cans and half-eaten food. Everyone's told they're not supposed to have this stuff out but they do, especially if they've got a milquetoast manager. Once I have moved the same Coke can for the 15th time in a day, I start to think about throwing it across the room. And when that phone cord sweeps across the counter and almost knocks over an entire line of assorted beverages, it's time for everybody to just dry out for awhile.

Also, how is everybody drinking so much when we can't go to the bathroom?

P.S. I'm still interested in hearing anyone's comments about med guides (thanks to those who already have commented).

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Phathead said...

I like to keep the pharmacy organized, so I have baskets all over the fuckin place. There's a basket for Rx's waiting to be filled, basket for Rx hard copies, basket for Drug bottles after they have been checked, basket for QA'd scripts. I get a little OCD when there's a bunch of crap all over the place, so I clean it up whether or not the regular people in the store like it or not.