Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Happy Cell Phone Encounter?

Today I attempted to offer my pharmaceutical counseling skills to a guy who was ordering chicken wings on his cell phone as he stood at the counter while I rang him up. That didn't go so well. Normally I would be irritated as hell by this, but I felt strangely serene -- perhaps it was the thought of chicken wings, which I couldn't shake all day. Honest to God, I actually picked some up on the way home --- honey BBQ sauce, and they were good.

Too bad it was a whole bunch of calories I probably didn't need. Damn you, cell phone guy!!
Good thing I am a professional pharmacist.

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Anonymous said...

A lady actually called me up one time and did not know her RX number so of course she screams her last name and DOB. It is for metoprolol ER and she complains that we havent been able to give it to her. I was about to let her know we faxed the doctor to change it and haven't heard back when she interrupted me with "hold on hold on, Yeah I wanted the dinner meal with 6 biscuits! and I only have 4 in here!". Ma'am would you mind calling us back.... "NO HOLD ON, Yeah I gave you a 20!" Ma'am you have to call us back when you ... *click* she just hung up on me. Wow calling a Pharmacy and putting US on hold. Lady, we fill 923 rx a day, wtf?!