Monday, February 2, 2009

Scent of a Monday

OK, customer comes up to the register, I ring them up, tell them about the prescription (Z-Pack, I believe) and off they go. Seconds later, I start to smell something very strong -- kind of like Keflex suspension, but more acrid. I look over at the technician, who is smelling it too. It gets stronger and stronger. Another customer approaches and hears us discussing the source of the smell. She supplies the answer: "That, my friends, is CAT pee !!"

I can't describe how strong this smell was. This person must have washed their clothes in it!
Holy COW, was it bad! I've never had cats or been around them much, so I really had no idea of the unbelievable pungency of this odor. It took a good half hour for it to dissipate.

Gawd, that was NAST-EEE !!


The Ole' Apothecary said...

It doesn't seem logical to me that human body odor could linger in the air for up to half an hour after its issuer has left the building, but this is a true story. The big lady stood there as I filled her prescriptions, and I just prayed she would have decided to go over to the magazine rack and leaf through Cosmo while she waited. Fat chance. But, she did leave us that noxious 30-minute souvenir of herself. Yes, it lingered in the air all that time.

Phathead said...

We keep potpourri handy for situations like that. It's amazing how long it lingers.

And I have lysol'd someone before. I am an asshole, what can I say?

Anonymous said...

It may not be cat pee... Some photo developing chemicals smell the same... If the guy was a photographer, it's possible... Though cat pee would be funnier...