Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unrelated Random Thoughts, Cont'd.

There are certain senior citizens I see often who are always impeccably dressed -- the men have a tie or jacket on and the women have jewelry, nice blouses and beauty-shop hair. It's not necessarily because they are well-off. It's because they come from a generation where you would never go out in public in a t-shirt and sweat pants. I admire that.

It seems like everyone who calls the pharmacy is on a cell phone, and it's either cutting out or impossible to hear. The rest of them are calling with a TV blaring in the background, a kid screaming or a dog barking. C'mon people! Better yet, use the automated refill line. People are just too impatient to take the time for it, and it ties pharmacy staff up on the phone while other customers are staring us down. I get kind of irritated picking up the phone and discovering it's someone who just wants to give me a list of prescription numbers. Especially when they specifically asked to speak to a pharmacist !!

The other day a customer tried to swipe his insurance card through the credit card machine.
How awesome would that be? --- Patient walks up to drop-off window, hands over prescriptions, swipes insurance card -- pharmacy computer populates with all the patient information, and away we go! And if insurance is inactive, card immediately "Declines"!!
What a fantasy. Of course, no one ever has their card with them, but that's another story.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is when you answer and they start to punch in the numbers of the Rx. Brilliant, people. Let me just figure out what the number is by the tone of each punch. I'm clearly superhuman.
Everytime I ask, "and do you know the number" and the response is yes, I feel like following that up with "and did you know we have an f'ing automated system so you wont waste my time?!"

Crawfish Pie said...

I know what you mean about older people....One of the older residents in my building in New Orleans, where we were stuck for a week after Katrina, got up every morning, dressed nicely, put on her makeup and did her hair!

And, jeez, IT WAS HOT and sticky! I do so admire them.