Thursday, August 21, 2008

I know it's been said before, but........

We send a refill request for Lisinopril 10mg, 1 tablet daily.
We receive a faxed prescription back for Lisinopril 40mg, 1 tablet daily.
We send it back to question the change in dosage.
We receive another prescription for Lisinopril 10mg --- Yay! --- oh, wait a minute, it says 2 tablets daily.

I really resent having my time wasted this way. I want to call the Dr.'s office and say, C'mon guys, this is the EASY stuff. I shouldn't have to spend one more minute on this.

Just a crabby, crabby day today.

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Pharmacist Erin said...

Oh, I love days like that. Not. My day consisted of sending faxes that said Metoprolol XL is not covered on her insurance.....please give new Rx for Metoprolol immmediate-release. And then we get back a signed Rx for the XL with refills.......Augh! Seriously?! Is it really that hard to understand?!