Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tumbling Dice

I've got my head down frantically trying to catch up from a semi-regular computer failure when I hear one of my least favorite sounds --- the rustle of a plastic bag followed by the sound of multiple empty prescription bottles hitting the counter.

It's Saturday. I'm the only pharmacist and we have 'weekend' staffing. I glance at this customer and think why, in the name of all that's holy, couldn't you have called ahead (say, yesterday) and ordered those refills? They would be ready. You wouldn't have to wait. I wouldn't have to look at you looking at me and waiting expectantly like you had just revealed my Christmas presents. When you come in on a Saturday and plop down those empties, chances are you are going to have a long wait. You are gambling that you have refills available and that I have all the drugs in stock. I must admit I take perverse pleasure when one of those situations arises. That'll learn ya.

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