Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playing Policeman

The Pharmacy Chick had a post recently about how Schedule II prescriptions used to be relatively rare, but nowadays our C-II cupboards may as well come equipped with revolving doors. I realized how true this is. And not only do we seem to dispense C-II's frequently, but in larger and larger quantities. Lately I feel like we've had to play policeman more than usual (is it something about August?) ----- the early refills because "I'm leaving town", the meds that were "stolen," the claim that won't go through because it's already filled somewhere else but the person figured they could double-dip.

Strangely enough, it's not the C-II's lately --- it's the clonazepam, the Ambien, the tramadol, and of course always the Vicodin. I don't really take any satisfaction in thwarting these people's attempts to obtain more drugs. It's got to be a crappy life. But then I'm waiting on the guy with cancer who's almost apologetic about picking up his oxycodone and tries to ask me in a round-about way if he should worry about becoming 'addicted.' I guess it's something all we pharmacists just deal with.

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