Monday, August 4, 2008

Mystery Science Theater

No, unfortunately, it's not Gypsy, Tom Servo or Crow. It's the individual who loudly proclaims, "I'D LIKE AN OTC RECOMMENDATION FOR MY ALLERGIES." This individual then proceeds to tie up one of our pharmacists for a good 10 minutes. We strongly suspect this is one of the mystery shoppers our company employs to make sure we're all being good. However, this person puts forth a thousand questions, like, "Do these allergies have anything to do with my age?" and "Will I have this the rest of my life?" The pharmacist gamely tries to use his crystal ball and give some kind of answer, but mystery shopper just won't wrap it up.

I don't think these people are supposed to tie us up that long. They are supposed to fill a prescription, or ask a couple of questions, or see if the shelves look tidy, or maybe just make sure we don't snarl at them. Most of the time we score pretty well because we can spot them a mile off. But they shouldn't back us into a corner for so long that the 'real' customers are kept waiting.

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